I’ve never cosplayed a character as hated as Nora. 

Our photos got around the internet and even on fanpages of Noragami  that I myself follow (well, since I AM a fan after all). So it couldn’t be helped that I read comments such as the ones I screencapped here, some even worst than “fuck off” but I did not bother digging it up anymore.

It bothered me at first because I felt like it was an attack on me. But a few hours after I saw those comments my brain came back and realized I’m too old to get affected by this crap, and it’s not me who is hated at the first place/

But still, what crude and uncultured people!

There is more to Hiiro/Nora than her clingy psycho ex-girlfriend facade. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have bothered cosplaying her. 

Nora did not have a lot of chance to show her back story in the anime series but the Nora from the manga is a complex character. She’s cute, silent, deliciously devious, loves Yato very much,  likes visually beautiful things but above all,  a powerful weapon in a body of a 12 year old girl. She may be something I aspire to be in real life, minus malicious intents and murder. 

Though I admire Nora’s work ethics, I’d never justify the innocent killings that Nora might or might not have been involved in, but I find her “I’ll get it done” attitude admirable and beautiful. 

We need people like that. Someone willing to do the dirty job. 

Writing this now makes me wonder that perhaps my morals is a bit on the gray side too

Over all, this cosplay taught me to look beyond what I see on the surface and to watch what I say in public space.

Pretty deep experience for a hobby most people see as a shallow thing. 


From the series Noragami (Stray God)

Yato : Jin

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Nora: Alittledecadence

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Photography: Resh

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Photography/Assist: Kat Langomez

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Assist : Dom 

  • Black Butler movie review

    I got a press screening ticket through a good friend’s friend and was able to watch Black Butler ahead of its public screening date.

    Special thanks to @SM_Cinema for bringing foreign films to local shores. This is something we, Japanese culture fans who are growing in numbers appreciate a lot. 

    Black Butler will be showing in SM Cinemas starting today, July 23. Catch it this week, okay? ;) 

    Event flow

    I’ve been to a lot of press, premier screenings. Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter Deathly Hallows (where I cried at the flash of Warner Bro’s logo, that early in the movie…), Maleficent etc etc. Usually these are invites given to me by friends who work in media, my boyfriend’s mom who gets special tickets somehow or from friends who are event organizers as well. I am not new to this.

    I brought my boyfriend, who keeps a Sebastian nendoroid in his attic (not kidding) as my movie companion. We’re both fans of the manga series this movie was based on. And we watch a LOT of movies together if we bothered we can start a movie review blog. 

    Our invite says the movie starts at 7:00 PM.

    As we are both decent people, we try our best to arrive on time. We got there at 6:30 and thinking we don’t have time to eat proper dinner, we opted for what was available at Snack Time instead.

    We were ushered in the theater itself at five past seven and the movie started at 7:50. That amount of time, we could’ve spent eating a proper dinner at Kyochon.

    I was even asked if I can dress up as characters from Black Butler. I am thankful I did not, because

    1. It’s Monday after work. And I only knew about it 2 days before.
    2. There was no pre-screening program whatsoever. So why do they need a cosplayer there if there’s no program whatsoever at all? Time is essential to anyone. I’d hate to dress up for nothing.

    This is the first time I’ve been in a press screening where there was no program or host to at least introduce the movie or a visible event organizer handling the guests whatsoever at the start. I find that very, very weird. Not that I’m saying “hey, I’m a guest. Treat me like a god”. I’m saying this was poorly done and a waste of opportunity to promote the movie better.

    I even overheard the staff (since we spent a lot of time at the Director’s club lounge doing NOTHING) saying this, exactly:

    "May food ba na kasama yung tickets?"
    "Hindi ko alam bro, wala atang pupunta na event organizer dito"

    This was 5 minutes before 7PM. 

    For me, this was poorly organized.

    The movie

    I’m a huge fan of Kuroshitsuji.
    I buy stuff Kuroshitsuji stuff like any decent fan would. I grabbed a few just to make my point.

    Like the misc published/fan art (some doujinshi not in photo because..umm. uh…), character books…

    Art books. I still haven’t got the most recent one :<

    And of course, the tankobons as well. 

    I’m a huge fan. With high standards. I know Kuroshitsuji’s DNA which is maybe why I wasn’t happy with the adaptation. Some of the lines were lifted directly from the manga and anime which isn’t bad. But they could’ve done it so much better. 

    In my opinion, it was poorly written. There was so much loopholes, and the end was quite dragging as well. 

    And oh god. Don’t let me get started with the styling and wardrobe. Madamme Red (Aunt Hanae in this version)’s styling screams cheap ageha. The setting is in a modern world, but they did not bother to update the wardrobe in a tasteful manner. 

    This doesn’t mean I’m saying the movie was thoroughly bad. Hiro Mizushima did his best to portray Sebastian’s quirks (smiling eyes, sexy walk, smooth hand gestures) and Aya Goriki as well. I appreciate so much that they really tried to get Sebastian and Ciel’s facial quirks. The acting was superb. These alone are good reasons to see the movie. The fight scenes were great. I specially love Mey Rin’s moments. And the scenes with kittehs nyan! :3

    But, if you’re a big big Kuroshitsuji fan with high standards (like me)  you might squirm in your seats and murder someone via imagination while watching it.  If you plan to watch this, forget everything you know about Kuroshitsuji first for a more enjoyable experience.