Hi! I’m Catherine Jannelle and I welcome you to my online home. I’m 24, unabashedly geek and somehow I just woke up one day and found myself working in the fashion industry.

I’ve always been fascinated by anime, and any form of entertainment coming from Japan. I grew up watching Sailormoon, Dragonball Z and Ghost Fighters (the local version of Yu Yu Hakusho) so it didn’t come as a surprise to my family when I said I wanted to be learn animation.

Because of my love of anime and manga I studied multimedia arts. It was during my highschool years that I learned about the then starting cosplay scene in the Philippines. I got hooked and I studied how to make clothes on my own - in order to make myself some costumes. This love for cosplay turned to love for costumes. I started  making costumes for friends, then for clients, and after some time I decided to have a career shift and finally took a proper fashion course. I studied millinery at the same time too and so my passion for costumes turned to fashion love.

I was invited by the Asian Institute of Management Policy Center to exhibit my costume work at the State of Philippine Competetiveness  2008 held at SMX convention center on July 15, 2008.

I’ve made a lot of costumes for other people, but as a cosplayer I only have a few to show and a few recognizable work. I won best female cosplayer during Culture Evolution (August 19, 2006) at Teatro Marikina, part of the Angel Sanctuary group that won first place at Toycon,  was featured at Inquirer’s Lifestyle section on June 27, 2009 and on Playground Magazine’s cosplay issue.

My work on Japanese fashion was also featured on Stella Magazine’s Tokyo-Manila Street fashion issue (June 2009) and Digital Photographer’s Magazine (2010). I was also commissioned by the Ayala Museum to create eight looks for A Walk in Tokyo, a Japanese street fashion fashion show.

On my spare time I help my senior moderators and admins in our Japanese-Filipino music organization, Ongaku Society in putting up annual rock and roll gigs. 

Currently I design clothes under my own name too, Catherine Jannelle. Though my main business is making hats and gloves for bridal clients. Sometimes, when there’s enough time I do collaboration with various artists of my age for fun!

Though I live an incredibly busy lifestyle now I still enjoy reading manga and watching anime at night. The same things still inspire my life and if you haven’t guessed it yet, these are the things I write about here in my online home.