Day 7 and 8 :Shingeki no kyojin 20 day challenge

Day 7: Favorite Trio Member: Eren, Armin, or Mikasa

Armin!! * u *

He’s so cuuuuute! I mean,look at this!!!


I wanna squish that teary face X3 ngggh!!!

 I have a thing for tacticians too so, it’s a really easy choice. And in my opinion Armin is the most balanced in that trio.

This is  my favorite Armin fanart. :3



Day 8: Saddest Moment


But these are the scenes that really tear my heart:


(By KellyAngel) Thanks Onceuponablueberry for the help! *U*


And when the hit squad got hit :( </3

Day 6: A Character You Relate To / Shingeki no kyojin 20 day challenge

Levi-sassy ass Heichou. Because I’m almost always angry. 


(By Na2-A5)

Levi has a potty mouth. He works alone, can fight alone but is best when working with a team.

He doesn’t show he cares but he does care for his friends. We’re both tsundere that way.  Levi is a soldier, not much as a leader in my opinion but a good soldier. 

It’s not just his height I can relate to (I’m 4’9, with a forever loli face), it’s who he is inside. At least that’s what I think. 

This Shingeki no kyojin 20 day challenge is from this post. I started this as a countdown to Philippine’s largest cosplay event, Cosplaymania!  14 days left ^u^

When we shot this, they had a really good technique to make us act in character. Kat, who was assisting that day was making a monologue per the character’s personality and we simply had to act it out. It was hilarious. 

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
Jin - Haruka Nanase 

Miguel - Makoto Tachibana 

Cat - Nagisa Hazuki 

Dom - Rei Ryugazaki
photographed by Erving ~Huzafan 

Hi-Res can be found HERE

Day 4: Favorite Ship! Shingeki no kyojin 20 day challenge

This 20 day challenge is from this post.

Day 4: Favorite Ship




(By Two Frame



(By Devil-san)



(By Two Frame



(by Hayakawa)

I love the dynamics between this two. Irvin and Levi for me represents the dark and light wings of the Scouting Legion emblem. One is ruthless willing to sacrifice anything to get things done, and one is kind and get things done. 

There has to be something more than a professional relationship between this two. After all, Levi was a rumored former thug who Irvin managed to tame and recruit for the Scouting Legion. 

In a way it reminds me of my own love life too. *u* I can relate much to Levi and Chase has always been a smart, gorgaz fine piece of man in my eyes XD but that’s where the comparison ends, we don’t really kill titans or make human sacrifice!

(16 days till Cosplaymania!!!)

Shingeki no kyojin 20 day challenge!

Since it’s just 17 days till Cosplaymania, I decided that this would be the best way to do a countdown~

I am very busy too so I queued posts just so I can keep my tumblr alive for a while ;A; (please hang on!)

This Shingeki no Kyojin 20 day challenge is ganked from HERE!

I’m doing 3 days for this post though XD The rest would be posted per day :3

Day 1: Favorite Character

AAAAH WHY IS THIS SO HARD!!!! I can’t pick between Irvin and Levi!!!

IT”S A TIE! You can’t make me choose!

Though I love Irvin’s ruthlessness and his will and determination as a leader (I wish to be like him in a way), I can relate to Levi more. Besides, everyone is gay for Levi.  

Day 2: Favorite Episode

I’m not updated with the anime! I am however update with the manga. My favorite chapter is every chapter gddmit Isayama Hajime I hate you so much. 

Shingeki no kyojin ruined my life. 

Day 3: Scouting Legion, Military Police, or Garrison Regiment

Do you really have to ask this?!? Scouting Legion, because Wings of Freedom!!!

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Really fancy Mooncake from Mandarin Hotel. It comes in a fancy box, each containing four different fancy flavoured Mooncakes. It was sooooo gooood. This was from my boyfriend’s mom. 

Then on two different days, his dad gave me a pack of special siomai. It was so good. 

I love Chinese food. I really do. I really really do. 


Being greeted with so much love have made me excited to see Bailey too. I greet her first now instead of my boyfriend whenever I visit their house. 


I got sick. Again. And my cats were there for me. Always.




Joffrey teh cat seems to like my legs. 



Sie sind das essen und wir sind die jaeger!!!!

Shingeki no kyojin ruined my life. I see titans everywhere now


Took a few photos of Marko from Adventure Team one night. He’s cosplaying Tiger from Tiger and Bunny. We “designed” a set by buying fast, junk food in a nearby convenience store, ate and threw things at the table. AWAAAAAAAAARD. 


After a looooooooong day of meetings and work, I met up with friends at Tutto Domani. In an attempt to shake off my work mode (because I’m so tight sometimes) they made me read a very ridiculous book called “How to be a Vampire”.


I was dissing the whole book but in this photo I cracked up. The fashion section reminded me of how I used to dress up when i was younger. So ridiculous :))


From Charmie's phone. Konbini break. I think the employees of this branch are pretty much used to the weird by now :))


Free! Iwatobi Swim Club 

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Charmie fixed my make-up. She made me extra cute *u*