My weeboo gear, let me show you it.

(good job, photobomber)

Me during UP AME Monogatari at World Trade Center.

I was there to cover the event but I also wanted to wear something in theme. I planned to go as a fox spirit first but I thought there’d be a lot of people doing that. 

Instead, I pulled out two things that have been laying on my closet for a loooooong time.

My top is a men’s yukata that I  folded and stay-stitched  (to temporarily fit it with my malandi length shorts) and a hakama inspired felted shorts. I made the kimono in standard traditional men’s kimono measurements, thus the bulky look on my toothpick body.

The fabric I used for the yukata is a woven treasure bought from Mongolia. Because the fabric is too precious, the yukata is hand stitched to limit or prevent any damage a brusk machine can do. The fabric I used for the shorts is a felted wool which part ofan experiment on fabric I did years ago. I should get clearer shots of this outfit so I can show you the wonderful embroidery and texture these fabrics have.

Ah, my peg that day is a Meiji era errand boy! It’s the time when Japanese fashion first met the West’s. What do you think? :)

Thanks to Wilson Tortosa for this photo! 

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