Forever21 Gift Card Launch

T_T Chase don't be late again plz.

We were supposed to go to the F21 Gift Card launch but when we got there, the party was over.

 I was sad at first, because the invites were wasted. But my love asked if I want coffee instead and everything turned beautiful and sparkly once again!

So here’s my outfit yesterday~

Dress and headpiece by me, bag from Coach, Shoes from a shop in Shangri-la Edsa I-forgot-the-store-name-I’m-sleepy-but-will-check-asap, ring from Backstage Serendra.

I badly need a clutch bag that I can use for parties. I just realized yesterday that all my bags are utility ones. I don’t attend a lot of parties, you see :P

    1. kurixu said: i miss you cath! you’re looking prettier! <3
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