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Anonymous asked:

So what kind of anime do you like and what makes you cosplay a character ate Cath? C:

D: I like a lot of anime and manga genres!  I prefer serious stories though like Ghost in The Shell, Samurai7, Psycho-pass. I veer away from anime that focuses on panty shots and boobs that can dodge bullets (・∀・) . Though I still watch senseless and fanservicy anime like K project and Utapri.hihihihi <3

Most of my favorites are by Production I.G.! It really helps when the animation is so good *u* 

As for cosplay, I have different reasons! Sometimes I have a huge crush on a character, sometimes I can relate to him/her, I find the design so challenging that I want to make the costume or I’m in a group and this character fits my height and look best. No matter what the reason I ALWAYS have to be a fan of the series first though.


Cosplay is so expensive and time consuming so I’ll only do it if I like the series . Otherwise putting effort in a character you don’t understand is stupid and disrespectful to fans of the series you are cosplaying from. :>


Anonymous asked:

Hello Miss Cat :) Do you happen to have any tips about how to start learning to use a sewing machine? I mainly worked by hand, but I wanna start using it. But I'm kinda scared :') I looked for some sort of course to get started with it in my town, but there are none available. So I want to start by myself. I though to maybe start with a quilt patchwork thing to get used to it..? Anyway, thanks in advance for reading this! (I also only have my grannys old one to use, should I invest in a new one?

Your best teacher is the sewing machine manual. You HAVE to read and comprehend the manual. That’s the best way to learn how to machine sew. TESDA usually offers sewing lessons! As this is a government place there should be one near you :D

My grandmother also had a sewing machine, a Singer one, non electric and is older than I am. It worked fine but it doesn’t have fancy stitches (like blind stitching and basic zig zag). I’d say if it still works you can use it! But a new home sewing machine is best ;)


In case you buy a second hand home sewing machine, most manuals can be downloaded online. Just google!

I highly recommend getting a Brother home sewing machine too, they’re the best.


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I don’t ship KurohXShiro in the anime but I ship you two! *fan*

I don’t too. My main boat is MunakataXSuoh after all hahahaha! Chase wanted to go as Yatogami so it’s only natural for me to go as Yashiro-kun :3

Though originally I wanted to try tailoring Awashima’s uniform and do Yatagarasu too. Yata-chan is such an interesting character. He make these ridiculous looking faces that I want to try and portray :))

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d’awwww~ that’s so sweet~

IKR. It’s so sweet and so unnatural of him. Really surprised me!


I’m leaning more on “no” but I haven’t studied the whole thing yet as I was busy the past two weeks so I can’t form a solid answer. BUT I also believe that Philippines needs a better cyber security to move forward. I’m just wondering how come they could pass this bill so fast compared to RH and FoI. Which we both need as well. 

Anyhow no one can stop me from saying what I want. 

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I'm so sorry about your unfortunate read (50 Shades of Gray). XD natawa po ako sa description niyo eh. Don't worry, not all teenagers like me are in to 50 Shades of Gray. :3 Some who really likes to read won't touch that mainstream stuff. Who is your favorite author anyway ate Cat? :3

Ah, this one is my favorite. He’s a poet but he’s in some sort of hiatus right now. 

Hahaha! Half-kidding :P

It is very hard for me to choose my favorite author. It’s like asking me which vein in my heart you want me to cut. But my favorite novels are old so the authors are old as well (duh, what a stupid statement). Of course, Jane Austen, J.K. Rowling, Anne Rice of the Mayfair witches story, Tolkien for LOTR. Eoin Colfer for Artemis Fowl. Mainstream stuff, unfortunately ;))

The most recent I can name is George R.R. Martin. If it wasn’t for the series I wouldn’t know about ASOIAF, actually. But as soon as I started reading A Game of Thrones I just had to devour the rest of the books in the series. I love and HATE that author. :)) I don’t think I’ve felt this much passion for a series of novels since Harry Potter. 

[edit] NEIL GAIMAN AND H.MURAKAMI. How could I forget?!?! Shame on me! Grahh!

paolocrodua asked:

Hi Ms. Catherine, we haven't met yet but I have been following you here in Tumblr for quite some time already. :) I've recently stumbled upon your online shop, and I just love the feel of your clothes. I would just like to ask, and I'm asking in the most polite manner that I can, do you allow stylists/photographers to do pullouts from you? Thank you for your time.

Hello! Thank you for your kind words. I checked your tumblr and you take wonderful photos! Following you now. :)

I don’t mind pullouts, but I’m going to have you sign a contract stating that if my clothes return to me in a bad state (with stains, snags, etc) you will have to pay for it in full. And you’d have to return the clothes to me in a certain time period. And oh, that you share to me the photographs you took and allow me to use it for my shop’s social media (not as product photo ah, for facebook and sharing lang).

I had a bad experience with a stylist, that loser git, who took one of a kind items from me and didn’t return it immediately, damaged my items and I couldn’t sell those anymore. Worse was I didn’t even see a single photo from that shoot so I make people sign a contract now. That’s how it should be anyway. 

Mail me if you have something in mind! If my schedule allows it perhaps we could do something together too. I love doing collabs :)/

Anonymous asked:

Hi! We'll be having our cosplay next month in school and I still don't have any idea what, or who to cosplay. I do watch animes and read mangas, even attend events related to it...but I just don't picture myself doing cosplay. I'm more of mestiza which makes it more difficult. Any suggestions of who I could cosplay? I have long black hair and white complexion.

Wow, schools hold cosplay events nowadays? This is not UP ba? How amusing. We didn’t have those back then.

Correct me if I’m wrong but are you being forced to do this? is this some sort of requirement or do you simply want to try?

If you’re being forced to do this, don’t do it. There’s no point spending money and time on something you’ll do half heartedly.

My advice for picking characters is always : What’s your favorite series and who is your favorite character? The one you could relate to the most? That’s how I always pick who to cosplay. I think being mestiza is not a problem. You could always change your look with intelligently applied make up. Changing your look is part of the fun :D 

Perhaps Tuxedo team’s tutorials could help :)) Scroll down, left side of the page under “Tutorials”. Really helpful stuff! 

You could also use the Anime data base to find long haired girls :

Good luck! Try your best to pick a character you really want to portray :)

Anonymous asked:

Have you been in a situation when a "friend" someone super lagkit kung makadikit, wants to cosplay someone you also want to cosplay? I just mentioned kasi sa facebook na I wanted to cosplay Shion from No.6 then she goes "Oh I'm cosplaying it too! Dapat di tayo sabay." She did this to me twice now. What would you do ate cath if you were in this situation.

Natawa naman ako sa description mo XD Kakanin ba yang friend mo?

Anyway, first I will rid myself of this super lagkit person. I don’t keep a lot of friends. I have learned that to be happy in life you must try to be genuinely kind and understanding to all, and stay away from toxic relationships. There’s no point being “friends” or close friends with someone you do not enjoy being with. You will only hurt this person and cause yourself stress.

Second, cosplay is open to everybody who is a fan of a certain fandom. No one has the right to tell anyone “you can’t cosplay this because I’m cosplaying that”. YOU DO NOT OWN THE FANDOM. Only the creators, IMO can say something like that. Now if this person is cosplaying for other than “giving homage to the fandom and because I fukkin want to” that’s no longer your business. The world wouldn’t end if you both go as  Shion at the same time.

A lot of my friends enjoy the same series/game/whatever. For example, Luie and I both love Sheryl Nome. We both want to cosplay her (she already did). But I don’t think there’d be a problem between us if I cosplay her too. My rendition will always be different from her, even if we got the same Sheryl Nome costume. There won’t be a problem between us because we’re not competing, we’re just showing the world how much we love Macross’ Galactic Fairy. Isn’t that the point of the whole thing?

Cosplay for the love of it. Keep this hobby as drama free as possible.

You should get more patience and understanding and this friend of yours should grow up.  

Anonymous asked:

Hi ate Cat! I just want to ask if you and your beau fight? How did you deal with it? Kasi I fought with my boyfriend coz hes not replying to my text eh. I think hes busy playing DOTA yata. I sort of went crazy shouting at him last time and I don't know how to say sorry. Please help >__<

We fight too, but very seldom. And when we fight we both go silent, not text with smileys (lol. big deal yan) and just talk it out. You can’t solve a problem by screaming. 

I think there’s something girls need to remember when they’re getting in a relationship. 

Your boyfriend also got a life of his own and things to do. He is not Simsimi who is dedicated to answering your messages. Boys simply don’t work that way. 

For you DOTA might be a time waster but I guess for some men it’s sort of like uh , that vampire tv series with lots of sexy men or gossip girl or kung ano mang uso with girls nowadays. You don’t like being disturbed while watching your favorite TV series, right? I think as long as he doesn’t play TOO MUCH (the life destroying kind) and still reply to you after a game it’s alright. IMO. Let him play, don’t nag.

You have to apologize but also talk to him too. “I feel neglected when you don’t reply to my sms”.  Compromise. “Reply to me after a game” or when it’s really important, call not sms. Just talk it out next time, don’t lose your cool. A calm lady who can check her own actions is more lovable than a screaming one.  Good luck!

Anonymous asked:

Saw your post about the new kitten. A while back we had just gotten a new puppy, Bambi, and a little while later we found an orange kitten who we named Garfield. Bambi's an energetic pup who loves wagging her tail a lot. Garfield didn't like Bambi but enjoyed swatting her tail. One day Bambi got fed up and beat the crap out of Garfield. After that Garfield seemed to respect her.

Oh man. What can I say? PETS! Hahaha :))

I did that before too, let them fight so Joff can establish his being alpha cat but it looked like he could kill the kitten so I intervened D: There’s some serious territorial issues going on in my cat family right now.

Thanks for the tip though! :D/ I think we’ll be okay soon. I hope XD