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So what kind of anime do you like and what makes you cosplay a character ate Cath? C:

D: I like a lot of anime and manga genres!  I prefer serious stories though like Ghost in The Shell, Samurai7, Psycho-pass. I veer away from anime that focuses on panty shots and boobs that can dodge bullets (・∀・) . Though I still watch senseless and fanservicy anime like K project and Utapri.hihihihi <3

Most of my favorites are by Production I.G.! It really helps when the animation is so good *u* 

As for cosplay, I have different reasons! Sometimes I have a huge crush on a character, sometimes I can relate to him/her, I find the design so challenging that I want to make the costume or I’m in a group and this character fits my height and look best. No matter what the reason I ALWAYS have to be a fan of the series first though.


Cosplay is so expensive and time consuming so I’ll only do it if I like the series . Otherwise putting effort in a character you don’t understand is stupid and disrespectful to fans of the series you are cosplaying from. :>


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    Hello Miss Cat :) Do you happen to have any tips about how to start learning to use a sewing machine? I mainly worked by hand, but I wanna start using it. But I'm kinda scared :') I looked for some sort of course to get started with it in my town, but there are none available. So I want to start by myself. I though to maybe start with a quilt patchwork thing to get used to it..? Anyway, thanks in advance for reading this! (I also only have my grannys old one to use, should I invest in a new one?

    Your best teacher is the sewing machine manual. You HAVE to read and comprehend the manual. That’s the best way to learn how to machine sew. TESDA usually offers sewing lessons! As this is a government place there should be one near you :D

    My grandmother also had a sewing machine, a Singer one, non electric and is older than I am. It worked fine but it doesn’t have fancy stitches (like blind stitching and basic zig zag). I’d say if it still works you can use it! But a new home sewing machine is best ;)


    In case you buy a second hand home sewing machine, most manuals can be downloaded online. Just google!

    I highly recommend getting a Brother home sewing machine too, they’re the best.

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    I don’t ship KurohXShiro in the anime but I ship you two! *fan*

    I don’t too. My main boat is MunakataXSuoh after all hahahaha! Chase wanted to go as Yatogami so it’s only natural for me to go as Yashiro-kun :3

    Though originally I wanted to try tailoring Awashima’s uniform and do Yatagarasu too. Yata-chan is such an interesting character. He make these ridiculous looking faces that I want to try and portray :))

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    d’awwww~ that’s so sweet~

    IKR. It’s so sweet and so unnatural of him. Really surprised me!