Philippine Fashion Week : Cary Santiago SS13

Cary Santiago is my mentor’s mentor. He taught John Herrera who was my Fashion Design instructor.

One thing sir Cary passed from sir John and to me was about “editing” and harnessing your artistic side. It’s about control, not putting a chaos of beads and all the trimmings in the world in to one garment. Precise and balanced. That’s Cary Santiago. 

There was a small snafu regarding our show passes though. I was able to prove to the staff that I did send application for invites so I was able to get me and Luie who I invited to go with me that day, in. I Also I used my “oniichan onegai” face. It never fails to get me what I want. It was a let down though, so I did not take street style photos  because I wasn’t in the mood anymore. 


I can miss any local fashion show but not Cary Santiago’s. He’s really good. And even though it’s couture his pieces are something I can imagine myself wearing in real life. 

Because clothes can be pretty but they should be wearable too, right? :)

Sir Cary, you are an inspiration. 

More (blurry and badly shot) photos on my facebook!

  • 彼女の想いで (Kanojo no Omoide) Part 1/4

    I was asked to design 4 work shirts.

    Oh, this will be a work related post.

    I’m being encouraged to write more about my work recently. I feel a bit queasy doing it sometimes because I don’t want my personal blog to be something where I sell but whatever. I need to do this from time to time or people might forget that I actually design clothes too.

    So anyway! Here’s the first of this batch of shirt.

    My client requested a work shirt that is light (she doesn’t mind if it’s the type to wrinkle easily) and got 3/4th sleeves, V-neck and sleeves you can roll and button.

    I found the perfect cloth for this batch. I’ve been doing research on sustainable cloth recently and I came across Bamboo cotton. Bamboo cotton is a very light material, perfect for a tropical country like ours and even got anti-bacterial properties.

    But because I read about fake bamboo cotton I did a fabric burn test the moment I got the cloth I ordered from my supplier. It passed the test! And now I have a choice for eco conscious customers!

    Anyway, this is how it looks like hanging from my mannequin. I decided to take it down and take photos of it laying flat instead. My client got a fuller figure, so the shirt sort of looks weird hanging on a smaller mannequin, no? Ah, I should invest on more tools! Tsk! *takes note*

    The designs in this batch are more technical than artful, too. I had quite a bit of a challenge making patterns for this because I want it to be something that can be worn in different ways. My client is a working lady, and I know she’s a practical person most of the time. I   want to give her a very classic garment. Which could change styles. Because that’s my signature too. :P

     Two out of four are reversible shirts, and another have “add-ons” (detachable collar). 

    I will call this shirt Eva. And it’s the first reversible from this batch. I’ll also borrow some terms from Persona4 and will call one side of the shirt “True self” and “Shadow”.

    This is Eva’s True self and sleeve variations.

    Now this is Eva’s Shadow side 

    The collar can be popped like this. Kinda looks Mandarin-style this way.

    And then it can turn back to a shirt with collar and revere

    The title of this post is from Satoshi Kon’s three-part film called “Memories”. 

    彼女の想いで (Kanojo no Omoide) is the first episode of that movie. It’s my favorite out of the three episodes of Memories! Though Kanojo no Omoide translates as “Her Thoughts” or “Her Feelings” the title was translated as “Magnetic Rose” in the official English version of the film.