I’m pretty spontaneous and adventurous so when I was asked if I want to wear this costume made by one of the pioneers of Mecha cosplay in Japan (since 1996?!) my answer was : “Sure. But I have to change after because I already committed to my friends that I’ll cosplay with them that day.”

Though it’s an honor getting to wear a masterpiece by the event’s guest I cannot replace time with my friends with just prestige. 

The event organizers said “yeah if it’s not a hassle for you!” At that time I thought it wasn’t a hassle because I’m pretty sure I’ll pick up a few things just from this experience anyway. Goldy is a master crafter. Just by seeing AND wearing his work I am sure to learn a trick or two. 

Changing from plugsuit to harnesses+shingeki uniform and blue hair and eyebrow to blonde hair and eyebrows in one day wasn’t a hassle. I thought it’s do-able anyway. Reality never really hit me till the day I was going to wear the costume itself. The excitement, nervousness, expectations exploded in one go. I wasn’t able to fit the costume a day before the event because of flight delays. I had to leave early the night we were supposed to do fitting (the night our guest arrives from Japan) because aside from my convention duties (I was judging some contest too), I need to fix stuff for my group cosplay members and  I had a seller’s booth as well. On top of everything I was so concerned about fitting the plugsuit because we girls know an ill-fitting plugsuit = camel toe.

No one wants camel toe. And I had my period that time too, a really strong flow (TMI TADAAAAH! BRING IT ON UNIVERSE, I CAN TAKE MORE WTFKERIES. WAS THAT YOUR BEST?!?!?).

I was so nervous the next day. 

I always wanted to cosplay Rei Ayanami but I find making the plugsuit a very daunting task. So when the opportunity presented itself (presented by a master crafter no less) I didn’t let it pass. I’ll be an idiot to do so. 

Ah, I’ve rambled on again. This was just supposed to be a short entry on how serious we seem on stage but really just act like dorks backstage :P It was a challenge keeping Rei’s emotionless face with these folks around. 


First photo is a few seconds before Goldy-san and I appear on stage. (Photo by Yue-san)

Second is a shot of us on stage. (Photo by Harabelle Malco, with some brightness editing by me)

Third is us backstage. Friends know what your real cupsize is :P (Photo by Charmie? Chelli?) 

Eva01 (test unit) and Rei Ayanami plugsuit made by Goldy Marg, professional Armor, costume and props maker, instructor, cosplayer and Cosplaymania 2013’s guest of honor (also super badass, funny guy).

Wig borrowed and styled by Jin-sama. Part time Naruto, full time artiste. (with e) :))

This happened at Cosplaymania 2013 :>/  I’ll write more about my Cosplaymania adventures soon. 

Cosplaymania  2013 (Where I disappeared to last weekend)

Went as Rei Ayanami for Goldy Marg’s meet and greet during Day 1, the changed to Krista Renz in the afternoon.

Day 2, was Rei Ayanami again but this time for a stage performance+prejudging and other backstage stuff. Then changed to Nagisa of Free! to join my water bros.

Changing to two characters in a day. Crazy.

I haven’t quite recovered yet, and since I’m facing dire and important stuff at home a full coverage/blog post will have to wait.

Day 6: A Character You Relate To / Shingeki no kyojin 20 day challenge

Levi-sassy ass Heichou. Because I’m almost always angry. 


(By Na2-A5)

Levi has a potty mouth. He works alone, can fight alone but is best when working with a team.

He doesn’t show he cares but he does care for his friends. We’re both tsundere that way.  Levi is a soldier, not much as a leader in my opinion but a good soldier. 

It’s not just his height I can relate to (I’m 4’9, with a forever loli face), it’s who he is inside. At least that’s what I think. 

This Shingeki no kyojin 20 day challenge is from this post. I started this as a countdown to Philippine’s largest cosplay event, Cosplaymania!  14 days left ^u^

Shingeki no kyojin 20 day challenge!

Since it’s just 17 days till Cosplaymania, I decided that this would be the best way to do a countdown~

I am very busy too so I queued posts just so I can keep my tumblr alive for a while ;A; (please hang on!)

This Shingeki no Kyojin 20 day challenge is ganked from HERE!

I’m doing 3 days for this post though XD The rest would be posted per day :3

Day 1: Favorite Character

AAAAH WHY IS THIS SO HARD!!!! I can’t pick between Irvin and Levi!!!

IT”S A TIE! You can’t make me choose!

Though I love Irvin’s ruthlessness and his will and determination as a leader (I wish to be like him in a way), I can relate to Levi more. Besides, everyone is gay for Levi.  

Day 2: Favorite Episode

I’m not updated with the anime! I am however update with the manga. My favorite chapter is every chapter gddmit Isayama Hajime I hate you so much. 

Shingeki no kyojin ruined my life. 

Day 3: Scouting Legion, Military Police, or Garrison Regiment

Do you really have to ask this?!? Scouting Legion, because Wings of Freedom!!!

Cosplayer friends

Spending whatever free time on weekends to do some props with friends recently. We gather in a friend’s workshop, claim whatever space there is (we’re a large group) and cut and glue the day away. It’s super super fun, specially because I’m with very interesting people.

So there was this one time I  had to move farther in the workshop to make space for a couple of groupmates who just came in. I transferred my things and cleared the floor for me.

(The following pictures were taken after it happened and this is obviously re-enacted but just so you can get my story better!)

I noticed this plastic bag on the floor. Not wanting to damage whatever is in it and wanting more space for myself I decided to take a peek. If it contains trash and by products from our project I’m definitely throwing it in the name of working space. If not I’m going to give it to the owner.


So I sat down, lifted the plastic bag


and a f***ing bloody PAIR OF HANDS WERE IN IT. JFC. I think I made a very interesting face that time. I was really shocked


Ah. Cosplayer friends. The most resourceful and creative creatures you’d meet. This hand makes a wheezy sound and kinda smells like something nice (I already forgot). 


And because I made a slight scene, and the owner of them hands claimed it they decided that the best thing to do next is to keep it in the fridge for the new comers to discover.

P.S. They made a video https://vine.co/v/hhenQqFHVBb