Poem for Everyone’s Souls.

One day I’ll have a persona themed cafe. I’ll do my paper work there, dressed as Igor. Because I’m probably old when I get the money to do this dream. :)

Bonds with people make us strong

I went (went in very late) to Ozine fest today to cosplay with friends.

I cosplayed Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4.

I’ve been dying to do this for some time now. People who are close to me knows that when I love a game I grind it like how I did Devil Survivor, FF4, Catherine, Harvest Moon, Rune Factory.

Persona 4 is one of those games I wasted my youth on. There were just so many possible outcomes to the game, and much to do. I enjoy fusing monsters!! And I love Naoto! 

This is the best costume I had sewn FOR MYSELF. Because I hadtime” to make it. It’s actually nice to wear a costume that’s fully lined and got working pockets (the back pants pockets are fake though, I got lazy).  It’s so MUCH FUN that now that I’m no longer taking costume commissions, my passion or making costumes for my own use is back. I always had to rush mine because I have to put other people’s costumes priority. But my costume maker days are over :D This is now just a hobby. 

I’ll post progress photos and a mini tutorial when I’m no longer lazy. I have to re-do my casquette (hat) though. It’s a rush job, and the former milliner in me is so ashamed. 

Will be posting photos next week, I suppose. I’m too tired to continue writing now. Though this day is a lovely one, I now have to say goodnight.