I have discovered my super powers!!!!

When I help style or style in photoshoots I can turn the bohemes, hipsters, and girls with other styles in to someone looking like a goth or a rock star. Take the usually cheery and happy looking Krissy and Ericka in this for example. :P

Haha! Anyway…

I helped style a fun shoot with Tricia, Patricia and Ais last Thursday after work. 

Helping out in shoots and doing fun shoots like this is helping me in many ways. I get to learn new things you could only learn via experience, get new insights, learn to socialize (very important, because no one likes to work with nega monster snobs) be inspired and meet new people.

Patricia is so beautiful! And Ais is a wonderful make up artist as well. 

For more photos, please head here!

  • Photography by Tricia Gosingtian

    Make-up by Kaycee Lim

    Head pieces by Catherine Jannelle

    View the rest here


    A really quick shoot done with really amazing girls yesterday! I finally met the beautiful, cute and talented girls named Krissy and Ericka! They can model very well and sing and write songs! What talented ladies! Do check out their youtube account : http://www.youtube.com/user/krissysings

    I met Tracy too, whose face is familiar to me because we got common friends haha! Meeting new people is always good. :)

    Anyway this is partly inspired by Snow White and the Hunstman! The Queen’s wardrobe is something I wish I had, haha!

    After this shoot I had to go back to work. The one that I don’t like :<

    I wonder when I can go full time with my clothes? Hmpf!

  • Photography by Tricia Gosingtian

    Make-up by Kaycee Lim

    Hair : Ash Kagami

    Model : Tori Rosso

    Clothes by me, available at catherinejannelle.com

    View the rest of the photos HERE

    I don’t consider myself a brilliant person, but I am a lucky soul because I meet brilliant people in my life. 

    One of them is my sister-in-law. 

    Kidding. Not soon. Not until my partner and I have a steady looking future.

    Though we are of the same age there are a lot of things Tricia has taught me. I’m a self learned person who does not have any idea how this industry goes. It’s not by apprenticeship that I learned from her, but it’s more of by doing things with her and observing that I picked up a few things I would not have realized by myself.

    I’m starting all over again and this time I think I finally am at the right direction.  I plan to continue upwards, forward. And make more clothes that would make beautiful photographs and clothes that would be worn by worthy women. 

    For myself and for those who believed in me. I will reach for my dreams :)